Cloud Analytics Migration Checklist

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Use the Cloud Analytics Migration Checklist to prepare and guide your migration of data and analytics to the cloud.

In this checklist, we expand on the following technical and non-technical factors that should be considered as you determine your unique cloud migration strategy.

  • Know your business goals – How does cloud fit into your BI strategy?
  • Know your budget – Initial investment, OPEX/CAPEX approval, and more.
  • Assess your current analytics solution – What’s already in the cloud, what’s on premise, etc.
  • Plan your cloud environment – What parts will be in the cloud?
  • Define affected departments – Who’s driving the effort, who will use it, etc.
  • Review your data – Quantity, sources, and data types.
  • Consider security and privacy – Unique requirements, backup strategies, and more.
  • Plan the migration path – Cloud migrations are more successful with a plan.
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