QlikMaps 3.0

February 23, 2017 | 2:00 - 3:00 pm CST


QlikMaps 3.0 is here

We are really excited to share some huge upgrades in the latest release of QlikMaps.

Utilizing location analytics doesn't have to be difficult and expensive or require specialized expertise to implement and manage. In this webinar, see how QlikMaps 3.0 enables business users to bring maps into their environment and use for geospatial data discovery. The updates in this new release include:

  • Build a Map in Just 2 Mouse Clicks: Create maps faster than ever. In just a few seconds, (with NO coding required), you can build a multi-layer map with functionality like custom coloring and pop-ups.

  • Indoor/Venue Mapping: You can now zoom into incredibly small polygons that can represent individual buildings, retail stalls inside airports and shopping malls, agricultural fields, and much more.

We'll also show you how QlikMaps enables you to:

  • View Data on Multi-Layer Maps: Add context to your data by layering it on top of postal boundaries, points of interest, transportation networks, store locations, utility lines, demographics, weather data, and more.

  • Data Mash Up From Outside the Data Model: Reach outside your data model and incorporate geographic data from external GIS servers, ESRI servers, google search queries, or most any other web service.

  • Perform Geographic Drill Down Analysis: Drill into geographic areas and explore areas of interest to get the answers you need- start with a country, then drill down into a state, county, post code, etc.

  • Build Custom Pop-Ups: Embed Qlik visualizations or other information inside a pop-up to add more meaning to your maps.