ThoughtSpot Demo: Use Search to Analyze Your Data in Seconds

On-Demand Webinar


Two billion humans use search every day to get instant access to massive amounts of information—no training or technical expertise needed. This ease-of-use at scale has inspired a new wave of analytics vendors that are using search to make it easy for business users to build their own reports and dashboards in seconds.

In this webinar with our new partner, ThoughtSpot, you’ll learn how ThoughtSpot’s AI-Driven analytics platform makes it easy for anyone to get answers from company data in seconds. Just search to analyze data and get automated insights with a single click . You’ll also see a live demo of the Relational Search platform.

In this session, we cover:
  • What relational search is and how it can calculate answers for you in real time as you type
  • An overview of how to build reports and dashboards in seconds
  • Walkthrough of ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics platform
  • Live Q&A session where you’ll get answers to your questions