Analytics Assessment

The Foundational Framework You
Need To Thrive With Your Data

The analytics assessment is an evaluation of various factors within your organization that impact the quality of your analytics. We review where you are today, map out where you'd like to go, and provide a plan for how to get there.

Assessment Deliverables: 

Nobody wants to pay a vendor to tell them what they already know. That's why at the end of our assessment you'll receive tangible recommendations on how to become more data-driven:

  • Assessment Documentation

    All of the requirements gathered, interview feedback, current/future states, recommendations, proposed plan of action and roadmap organized into one document which you can keep and use as a guide for future development.
  • Detailed Requirements

    Foundations of the design of the final solution and critical before beginning implementation.  The following key elements are captured, defined, and documented: Source Systems, Source Data Detail, Business Matrix, Conformed Dimensions, System Diagram, etc.

  • Roadmap

    A plan that details the suggested approach for delivering the solution along with overall timeline and estimated costs.

How A Typical Assessment Works

  • Kick-off Meeting

    During this call, we discuss your high-level objectives which allow us to suggest a schedule that optimizes our time spent on-site.  This call is also an opportunity for us to request any existing documentation or other items which you may be able to provide ahead of time.
  • On-Site Visit

    One or more consultants will spend a few days on-site conducting interviews, completing data profiling on source systems and gathering the information about your current and desired future states. Interviews may include white-boarding sessions with business users to brainstorm potential reporting requirements, identify relationships and dependencies between KPIs, and begin prioritizing use cases.

  • Compilation and summarization of findings and recommendations

    Additional time is then spent off-site during which Analytics8 consultants will:
    • Compile the information gathered on-site and complete the assessment of the current state environment
    • Design a proposed future state. 
    • Outline one or more potential paths to achieve the future state solution.  Provide pros and cons to each proposed plan, high level estimates for the effort involved in each and include a suggestion on which plan will be most beneficial.
    • Outline a “Big Picture Roadmap” which includes the recommended path forward, steps to immediate goals in a Phase 1 and prioritization of potential future phases.
  • Presentation of Discovery Findings and Recommended Paths of Action

    We review the final assessment documentation and discuss the recommended course of action and next steps.
  • Provide estimates

    We provide estimates for the implementation of Phase 1 of the proposed plan. Now that we’ve identified the path to success for your company, the next step is to implement in an agile methodology which delivers value quickly.