How to Use Data and Analytics to Recover from a Recession

Jul 16, 2020 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CT

The recession prompted by COVID-19 has disrupted business operations across the country, and this disruption is not just a phase. Businesses must define new business models as we continue to face issues like changing customer expectations and buying behaviors, fragile supply chains, challenges of remote work, updated health and safety requirements, and managing employee retention.

A modern data culture, complete with an updated data strategy and infrastructure, is the determining factor for your ability to make quick, informed decisions in an unpredictable and rapidly changing business landscape.

In this interactive webinar, our expert panelists (meet them below!) will share their unique advice on:
  • Three types of analytics that should drive your recovery efforts: Supply Chain, Customer Behavior, and HR Analytics
  • Using your data to uncover and recognize emerging business opportunities
  • The pieces of a modern data culture you need to enable data-driven decision making

Meet Our Speakers


David Fussichen, Analytics8 President and CEO

Dave founded Analytics8 in the U.S. in 2005, long before “data” and “analytics” were buzzwords that dominated our cultural landscape. Since then, Analytics8 has been driven forward by his main passion—and our company’s mission: unleashing the power of our clients’ data.


Abram Balloga, Analytics8 Consultant

Abram specializes in solving complicated issues experienced in the Supply Chain and Distribution & Logistics industries. Having worked with Anheuser Busch InBev for over two years, Abram has end-to-end Logistics insights including data-driven forecasting and inventory management in complex environments.

When he’s not working to make sure you can grab a cold one for your next virtual happy hour, you’ll probably find Abram tending to alpacas on his farm in Colorado!


Tony Dahlager, Analytics8 Principal Consultant

Tony has an extensive resume of client work across a variety of industries; and his passion for all-things-data shows. Tony’s recent work building cloud-based embedded people analytics tools led to a keen interest in empowering HR leaders to make the best decisions for their organizations in the era of COVID-19.

As a leader and advocate in his community, Tony shares his expertise outside of work too, most recently presenting “How to Have Difficult Conversations” to Masters in Business Analytics students at The University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Josh Goldner, Analytics8 Managing Consultant

Josh’s experience working with nationwide retailer Batteries Plus, the City of Saint Paul, and EDUCAUSE (the largest Higher Ed association in the U.S.) gives him a holistic perspective on how to handle customer needs and expectations in rapidly changing markets. With the right mix of business and technical savvy, Josh helps his clients segment and profile their customer base for agile decision-making.

An avid outdoorsman, Josh balances his profession work with hunting and teaching his coworkers how to fish.